This project was featured in "LOGOGRAMA, Logo design for dynamic identities" (Hardcover - 2015), by Sandu Publishing | Promo Press | Wangshaoqian
Matan Shalita was asked to re-brand the studio of an architect who is also a photographer, artist and a high-end luxury brand designer. His architectural structures are very clean and incorporate elements that are both surprising and sophisticated.
Matan created a dynamic logo and design concept with an inner consistency. 
Every word is represented by black oblongs of different lengths that can move along a vertical line. The result is an endless array of elastic combinations of spatial structure, colour and texture. 
Matan also invited viewers to track his code to create an additional experience. As they decipher this code, they enjoy a sense of discovery, along with a playful humoristic undertone. 
Matan Shalita has headed his design studio since 2006, where he also collaborates with a wide range of international artists from various fields.
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